How can I do electrostatic spray painting?


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Electrostatic spray painting has a high transfer efficiency. It offers uniform paint thickness and bonds evenly to surfaces. While it has myriad advantages, it can be more difficult and more expensive than regular spray paint. To accomplish electrostatic spray painting, an electrostatic unit is needed. The units usually include a grounding cable, air and paint hoses, adapters and a spray gun.

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To begin the process, load the bucket of the electrostatic unit with the chosen paint. Next, turn on the spray gun. Test the spray gun to ensure that the fan pattern is even. Once the desired fan pattern has been achieved, turn on the electrostatic device. Test it again to ensure the pattern is still even.

Now that the spray gun and electrostatic unit have been calibrated, it's time to spray the object. Try to use even strokes, and pause every so often to make sure that the coverage is uniform. When the object is satisfactorily covered, clean the sprayer. Start by cleaning the tip of the sprayer, then dump out any excess material left inside it.

When engaging in electrostatic spray painting, safety is crucial. Only paint in a well-ventilated space, wearing eye and ear protection at all times.

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