How Can You Find an Eisenhower Dollar Value Chart?


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Value charts for the Eisenhower dollar coin are available on Coinflation.com and SilverDollarCo.net, as of June 2015. Coinflation.com provides a numismatic value range, which represents what people typically pay for the coin. SilverDollarCo.net bases its chart on "A Guide Book of United States Coins 2015: The Official Red Book."

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Visitors to Coinflation.com should place the cursor over Countries, and click on United States on the drop-down menu that appears. They can then select 1971-1978 Eisenhower for information about the coins and a chart with the numismatic value range and how many coins the government minted each year. The amounts people pay for coins determines the coins’ typical price range, and prices vary heavily depending on the coins' condition.

Visitors to SilverDollarCo.net should click on The Silver Dollar Scoop, and select the article "How Much Are Silver Dollars Worth? - Eisenhower Dollar Value." The article provides information on the coin and has a value chart listed under the Values heading. The chart lists values for circulated and uncirculated condition coins. Coins in circulated condition are those that have signs of wear, while coins in uncirculated condition do not.

Eisenhower dollar coins are typically worth around the face value, due to the large number in circulation. Certain varieties, such as those made from 40 percent silver, are more valuable.

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