How Can You Edit Red-Eye Photos?

How Can You Edit Red-Eye Photos?

Many photo editor programs have a red-eye removal tool that allows users to highlight the red in the center of the eye and click the tool button to automatically remove the redness. There are free and paid photo editors, and even free online photo editors available to use.

The red-eye effect occurs in photos when the camera flash reflects off the back of a subject's eyes, creating a set of intense red circles in place of the subject's pupils. The look can be disturbing and very distracting in photographs. Luckily, it is a simple matter to fix red-eye with today's modern technology. Red-eye can be removed in digital photos before printing, often with the click of a button.

Search for a photo editing software that contains a red-eye removal tool. Most programs have this option available, many of which are free or available online.

Upload a digital photograph onto the computer with the photo editing software on it or a connection to the Internet. Upload or open the photograph in the photo editing software.

Click on the red-eye tool to start the process. Initiate the process by selecting the red spots in the centers of the eyes.

There is usually a button to click to have the photo editing program remove the red-eye. Click this button and watch the red-eye disappear.