Where Can You Find Easy String Art Patterns?

can-easy-string-art-patterns Credit: fdecomite/CC-BY 2.0

Find easy string art patterns at HGTV.com, Parents.com and CraftsNCoffee.com. Patterns include hearts, stars, monograms and kid-friendly images, such as robots. The sites offer printable templates for setting up the string-art patterns with small nails or brass pins.

Most patterns involve using a hammer to pound pins or nails into a wooden board, but one pattern on CraftsNCoffee.com suggests setting the pins into a flat piece of Styrofoam that's covered with fabric. As an alternative to using string, this site also suggests using crochet thread, which is available in a variety of colors. HGTV.com recommends using a pair of tweezers to remove the paper pattern after the pins are in place.