Where Can I Find Easy Printable Crossword Puzzles?

can-easy-printable-crossword-puzzles Credit: mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

Easy printable crossword puzzles can be found on a variety of websites. There are varying levels of difficulty depending on whether the crosswords are made for adults or children.

Some of the sites which offer kid-specific crossword puzzles include Print Activities, ABC Teach and Raising Our Kids. Some of these crossword sites for kids have colorfully decorated printouts or specific categories and levels depending on the child's age. ABC Teach even offers a puzzle generator tha allows users to create their own puzzles with personalized shapes and fonts.

For other difficulty levels, and for adults, Free Daily Crosswords lists thousands of crossword puzzles from various daily newspapers and other sources. Their selections include The Los Angeles Times and USA Today. Word Game World has a whole section devoted to easy crossword puzzles that they advertise as being those which even a novice puzzler will not have trouble solving. Their clues include part of the answer to help make solving the puzzles much easier. Free Daily Crosswords suggests that its crosswords are great puzzles for families to solve together, as the crosswords are easy enough for children to solve. Puzzle Choice also offers a daily crossword as well as a large variety of other crossword puzzle categories.