How Can You Easily Make a Tacky Tourist Costume?

To make an easy tacky tourist costume, find a pair of khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and a large, attention-grabbing hat. Wear unattractive sandals or sneakers with knee-high socks and accessorize with a large camera and a fanny pack.

  1. Get khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt

    Look for unflattering khaki shorts that are too big or too small and purchase the brightest-colored Hawaiian shirt you can find. Alternatively, you can wear a touristy T-shirt with a city name printed on it, such as an "I Love New York" shirt.

  2. Find a large, attention-grabbing hat

    Choose a large hat that is sure to turn heads, like an excessively large straw hat or cowboy hat. You can also wear a large floppy khaki hat or a wide-brimmed safari hat.

  3. Wear tacky shoes

    Wear sandals with straps or garden shoes to go with your tacky look. You can also opt for sneakers or other closed-toe shoes with knee-high socks.

  4. Gather tacky accessories

    Get a large camera to wear around your neck and a bright fanny pack. You can also wear a Hawaiian luau and oversized sunglasses. To pull off the costume convincingly, have a map in your hands all the time, ask for directions, take pictures of everything, and have an excited, overly eager look on your face.