How Can You Earn Madden Ultimate Team Coins?


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Some ways to earn Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) coins are to complete weekly solo challenges, sell badges in the auction house and slowly build up a good squad to play games against opponents or in the Madden Ultimate Team season. Another way to earn coins is to receive loyalty rewards for Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team, as noted by EA Sports.

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The Madden Ultimate Team NFL 15 or 16 are football sports video games. Players also get the chance to set lineups, collect favorite football players and complete many different collections to earn items such as special packs and coins.

Two ways to earn MUT coins are by playing solo challenges and completing collections and sets. These challenges can be easy, such as kicking two field goals to get coins. Similarly, by completing Master, Road Master, Vault or Collectible sets in Madden Ultimate Team NFL 15, game players can collect rewards in Madden Ultimate Team NFL 16 that can include coins and contracts. By completing MUT season vault sets in Madden Ultimate Team NFL 15, players may earn up to 2,500 coins, as noted by EA Sports.

Opening packs and choosing players to sell in the auction house is another way to earn coins. Additionally, it is possible to sell badges in the auction house or buy a player that is on the market and then wait until there is an increase in his demand before selling him for coins.

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