How Can You Download the Original Freecell?


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The original version of FreeCell is not available to download. It is designed to run on early computer systems from the 1970s and is not compatible with modern hardware. Microsoft includes its modified version of FreeCell with most Windows computers, and the software is available as a free download on the Microsoft Store.

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How Can You Download the Original Freecell?
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FreeCell is a solitaire game that uses a standard 52 card deck. The original version dates back to 1978, and is programmed for an educational computer system called PLATO. The Microsoft version of FreeCell dates back to Windows 95 and has been included in every subsequent version of the Windows operating system except for Windows 8.

The version of FreeCell included with Windows Vista, 7 and 10 and available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 8 is a new implementation of the game. This version contains more player hints and allows for the unlimited undoing of moves. Microsoft does not offer the older version of FreeCell for download.

The original version of Microsoft FreeCell comes with 32,000 different hands. Later versions of the game include over 1 million possible FreeCell hands, including the original 32,000. Not all FreeCell hands are winnable; some of these unwinnable hands are intentionally included as Easter eggs, while others are unintentional.

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