Where Can You Download Free Images Showing Praying Hands?


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The best way to find free photos of praying hands is by conducting an image search on either Google.com or Bing.com. By linking themselves to nearly every website on the Internet using specific keywords and phrases, these websites have become the most popular repositories for images of nearly anything.

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There are literally millions of free images available on the Internet. The two most popular and widely used search engines for finding almost anything are Bing.com and Google.com. Both websites offer several settings for researching different types of information, such as news, maps or videos. Included in these settings on both search engines is a setting for images.

On either site, the user simply clicks on the images tab and, in the search field, enters a word or phrase

related to the subject being researched, then either clicks the search button, represented by a magnifying glass icon at the right end of the search text box, or hits enter on their computer keyboard.

By typing "praying hands" in the text box and starting a search, either search engine will pull up thousands of images for the user to choose from. Searches can be further narrowed by including the words "Bible," "drawing," "painting" or "tattoo."

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