Where Can You Download a Free Full Version of Happy Wheels?


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The full version of "Happy Wheels" is not available for download. "Happy Wheels" is a browser game, not a downloadable game. The free downloadable version for iPhone and iPad devices is available from the iTunes Store, but does not contain the full game.

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Only the developer's official site features the full version of "Happy Wheels." Other websites license a partial version of the game. This partial version includes a selection of featured levels and characters. To play with user-generated levels or the full selection of options, players must visit the official site.

The downloadable version for iPhone and iPad offers a small selection of levels and a single character and does not support user-generated levels. The developer states that this is to ensure quick approvals from Apple. As of September 2015, plans for further features in the iPhone version and an Android port have no estimated completion date.

"Happy Wheels" is a browser game in which players navigate levels using different vehicles. The game uses ragdoll physics and features graphic violence, including repeated scenes of the player dying in different ways. These violent scenes are included because the developer wants to portray realistic consequences of accidents. Players can choose to view or upload replays of their failed attempts to clear levels.

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