What Can Diminish the Value of a 1972 Silver Dollar Coin?


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1972 silver dollars that were not minted in Philadelphia, or that were minted in Philadelphia but show islands near Florida on the small Earth that appears on the reverse side, are lower in value. The rarer Type 2 Philadelphia 1972 dollar lacks islands near Florida and is worth more.

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As of 2015, the Type 2 1972 Philadelphia silver dollar is worth at least $40 or more, depending on the condition. The other varieties are worth between $1 and $2, regardless of condition. The way to identify the Philadelphia coin that year was the absence of a minting mark; coins minted in Denver contain a "D" below the head of President Eisenhower.

In addition to the different types, other factors can reduce a coin's value as well. A strike (the imprint) that is sharp and alluring is worth the most. Signs of contact with the coins, in the form of nicks and marks on the metal, reduce a coin's value. If wear has begun to show on some of the detailing, the value of the coin declines further. When inscriptions on the coin start to wander onto the rims of the coins, the value gets to the point where it is not significantly distinguishable from face value, particularly if the coin is not rare.

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