How Can You Determine the Value of Capodimonte Porcelain?

To determine the value of Capodimonte porcelain, seek out a local or online appraisal service, use a price guide, or compare the items to similar items sold on online sites. Professional trade organizations, such as the International Society of Appraisers, can connect you with licensed local appraisers.

Local flea markets, auction houses and antique shops can all be good sources for local expertise, and many offer free appraisals in the hope of securing your business or purchasing your items. However, appraisers and vendors may offer significantly less than private buyers, as much as half or less, due to commissions and profit margins. Some online collector sites, such as Michelle Knows Antiques, provide free appraisal services based on photographs of your items, though these appraisals are general and lack specific information about your local market and the quality of the item.

If you know the quality and manufacture date of your item, a price guide can be a good source to estimate a general value. Some reputable price guides, such as Kovels, offer sections specifically dedicated to Capodimonte porcelain. You can determine the general age of your item by inspecting the factory mark. From the mid 1700s to 1771, the Capodimonte factory imprinted a fleur de lis on its items. From 1771 to the early 1800s, the factory used a capital “N” with a crown over it.