How Can You Determine What Your Hummel Figurine Is Worth?

How Can You Determine What Your Hummel Figurine Is Worth?

One of the more common and reliable ways to estimate the price of a Hummel figurine is by referring to the book titled "The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel: Figurines, Plates & More," which was written by internationally recognized Hummel expert Robert L. Miller.

As of 2015, "The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel" is known as the most comprehensive collection of Hummel collectible designs and values. The book compiles a list of designs in numerical order, including a history and explanation of each, with descriptions of back stamps and other markings found on Hummel items.

Owners of Hummel figurines can also refer to eBay, the popular auction company, for a brief but detailed buying guide on Hummel collectibles. The article is available in the Buying Guides section of eBay.

The Antiques Navigator website also provides a price guide for Hummel figurines. The site is maintained by professionals in the industry, and is used by avid antique consumers. The Hummel price guide is arranged by price and has images alongside each listing.

Another resource is the price guide from Greystone Web Publishing. This site is updated regularly by Hummel experts monitoring the prices of figurines, plates and other Hummel collectibles all over the world.