How Can You Decorate Plastic Bin Drawers?


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Decorate plastic bin drawers by applying paper materials or fabric to the inside of the drawer fronts and sides. Clear cellophane tape, such as Scotch, is strong enough to hold lightweight paper, but a decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge, provides durability for heavier materials. If the drawers have completely flat sides with straight edges, measure or trace them to create a template for the decorative lining.

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Scrapbook paper is the ideal material for lining drawers, since it is lightweight and available in coordinated collections with a wide variety of styles and colors. If the drawers have any edge curvature or surface irregularity, such as a ridge for the handle, cut a sheet of wax paper to the width of the drawer surface. Place the wax paper inside with its lower edge lined up to the bottom of the drawer, and fold the upper edge of the paper over the front of the drawer. Holding the paper in place, gently use a fingernail to mark the ridge line, creating a subtle crease. Cut off the excess paper at the crease line for the finished template.

If desired, use the cut-off portion to create a handle template. For a striking look, use contrasting patterns on the handles and drawer fronts. Another option is to create decorative labels for the handles, especially if your storage bins are used to organize classroom or craft supplies.

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