How Can I Decorate a Paper Turkey?

To make a paper turkey, use an upside-down paper cup to form the body of the turkey. Cut out paper feathers and glue them to the back of the cup to form a tail.

  1. Paint a paper cup

    Use brown paint to coat the exterior of a small paper cup. Set the cup aside, and allow them to dry completely.

  2. Cut out paper feathers

    Using orange, red and yellow construction paper, cut out a variety of feather shapes. Make sure that the feathers are at least an inch longer than the height of the cup.

  3. Add a turkey face

    When your painted cup is dry, turn it upside down so the rim is resting on your work surface. Near the narrow part of the cup, use paints or markers to draw two eyes, a beak and a mouth. Alternatively, glue googly eyes on to add movement.

  4. Secure the feathers to the cup

    Glue a single feather to the bottom center edge of the cup, on the side that is opposite the turkey's face. The feather should stand up straight so that the tip appears above the top. Continue gluing feathers down one side, angling each one so it fans out from the center. The last one should be parallel with the table top. Repeat the process on the other side to create a full turkey tail.