How Can You Customize and Purchase Cards?

By using a site such as Zazzle, users can quickly customize and purchase playing cards. Users can add things like photos, initials and names to playing card decks.

Zazzle offers many types of card designs from which to choose, including monogrammed and smiley face styles, as well as cards for either men or women. The cards sell for around $25, as of October 2015, although prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

  1. Visit the Zazzle website
  2. Visit the Zazzle website and hover the mouse over "Create." Go down to "Toys & Games" and click "Playing Cards."

  3. Choose the type of cards
  4. Choose from either "Playing Cards, Standard Index Faces" or "Bicycle Poker Playing Cards."

  5. Add an image
  6. If desired, add an image to the back of the card by uploading a picture and adding text. To design a card without a custom image, click "Skip This Step."

  7. Select the quantity
  8. Select a quantity of between one and 500 decks of cards.

  9. Add image and text
  10. If not completed during the first step, click "Add Image" and "Add Text" to personalize the cards.

  11. Pick a background color
  12. Choose a background color for the back of the cards.

  13. Submit
  14. After completing the cards' design, click "Add to Cart."

  15. Checkout
  16. Sign in with a Facebook account or sign up for a Zazzle account, and then proceed to the billing and shipping screens to complete the order.