Can custom Pokemon games be designed online?


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Unofficial custom Pok��mon games can be designed and played online. Pok��mon users and fans can design and build custom ROM hacks Pok��mon games and play them for free, either online or on recycled Game Boy Advance cartridges. Examples of these custom games include Pok��mon Advanced Adventure and Pok��mon Prism.

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Pok��mon Advanced Adventure centers around the player as he battles his rival Gary, a dangerous psychotic that rules the Pok��mon world. The player battles tyrant Pok��mon on each game level. To beat the game, the player must kill or capture each tyrant Pok��mon.

Pok��mon Prism is a modified version of Pok��mon Gold, and features modified Pok��mon from the first four series generations in an 8-bit aesthetic.

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