How Can Free Crystals Be Acquired on Tanki?


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In "Tanki Online," players acquire 1,000 free crystals as a bonus when buying crystals for the first time in the game. Other ways of earning crystals include battles, purchasing from shops, daily bonuses and referrals.

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"Tanki Online" uses crystals as currency. The top panel of the game menu displays a player's current number of crystals. The crystals are used to buy equipment upgrades such as hulls, paints, passes and turrets. In battle, crystals are given out depending on how many points players score by the end of the fight. Funds gained during battle are displayed in the battle fund at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Players can collect gold boxes that fall during battle for crystals. Each gold box contains 1,000 crystals. Having a double crystal card allows a player to purchase crystals at better rates. Completing daily missions gives either supplies or crystals as rewards, so this is a partial chance to obtain crystals.

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