Where Can You Find a Cryptoquote Puzzle Solver?


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Wordplays.com features a cryptogram (cryptoquote or word cipher) solver called the Crypto Cracker on its website. Enter the encrypted text in the dialogue box, click Enter, and the application attempts to solve the cryptogram. With this application, you can also create and encrypt your own content as puzzles. The Crypto Cracker allows you to choose whether a letter represents itself.

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A cryptogram is a section of text in which each letter of the alphabet replaces a different letter so that the entire text is encrypted. As far back as the Roman Empire, governments and armies have used cryptography to protect sensitive information in documents. The technique fell out of favor for use when it was deemed insecure, as diligent observers were cracking the encryption by observing patterns in letter and word usage, as reported on Cryptograms.org.

As of 2015, cryptograms are an extremely popular entertainment form appearing daily in thousands of newspapers, puzzle magazines and on Internet sites, says Cryptograms.org. Users of tablets and smartphones can choose from a large selection of mobile cryptogram applications. Appzoom.com offers a wide variety of mobile cryptogram apps for both Apple and Android formats, and the prices range from free to several dollars each.

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