What Can You Crochet With Yarn?

What Can You Crochet With Yarn?

Crochet yarn projects include clothing, blankets, scarves, dishcloths, accessories, shoes and pillows. The difficulty and expertise required to complete these projects vary depending on the intricacy of the project.

A number of interesting clothing projects can be completed with yarn. The intermediate level Tunisian Star Stitch Pullover utilizes boutique unforgettable yarn to create a handcrafted sweater. The Crochet Bolero Shrug is another crochet project perfect for yarn.

Scarf crochet yarn projects include the award-winning Sidewalk Shawl Design. This project is best suited to those at the intermediate skill level. The project requires soft yarn and combines crocheted pineapples and extra-long fringe. Another scarf project is called Rev Up the Color Cowl. This easy level project utilizes a bright multiple colored yarn.

One easy accessory yarn project is Sophie's Shoulder Bag. This designer bag requires boutique silk sari yarn. For those new to yarn crochet, the beginner level Buttoned Cuff Bracelet is a skill appropriate accessory project. This wrist cuff utilizes cordial yarn and incorporates buttons.

One practical dishcloth yarn project is the Apple a Day Dishcloth. These apple shaped cloths add some handcrafted charm to kitchen life. This project is ranked as easy. Another practical crochet yarn project is Basic Chunky Slippers. This project can help keep feet warm and is stylish.