Can You Crochet Wool the Same Way You Crochet Hair?


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Crocheting can be used on hair and wool alike, as long as it is adapted to each texture. Hair is thinner and more delicate than wool, so when crocheting of hair must be done with added caution and delicacy.

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Crocheting is often used for dreadlocks and tight braids commonly worn as cornrows. The hairstyles that can be created with crocheting are more permanent and last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Since a needle or hook is usually used to crochet, it is recommended that only professionals perform the task on hair, as it could be dangerous. Dreadlocks can be tightened by crocheting, but this is only recommended once a month maximum. If done too often, the hair can break and become damaged.

Different types of wools and yarns can be used for crocheting. Crocheting itself refers to the technique using the hook, and it can be applied to many types of materials.

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