How Can You Create a Pokémon Online?

How Can You Create a Pokémon Online?

People can create their own Pokémon online using Pokémon Fusion on websites such as Players can fuse two Pokémon together to create a brand new species of Pokémon.

To use Pokémon Fusion, select your own Pokémon using the drop-down boxes or have the Pokémon Fusion website app randomly select Pokemon for you. If you have the app randomly choose Pokémon, you can elect to have it randomly choose one or both of the Pokémon to be fused.

When players create a new Pokémon, the app generates an image of what that Pokémon looks like and gives it a new name. For example, combining a Koffing and a Kabutops creates a Kofftops.

The order in which you enter the Pokémon to be fused determines what the new Pokémon looks like and its name. For example, when the order of Koffing and Kabutops is switched, the app instead creates a Kabufing.

If you want to take your Pokémon creative skills to a new level, you can create your own Pokémon city by choosing the Create a Pokemon Town option on the arcade website While this game doesn't allow players to create Pokémon, it does give you the ability to create something new in the Pokémon universe.