How Can You Create Your Own Minecraft Skin?


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Create your own "Minecraft" character skin online through sites such as MinecraftSkins.com, NovaSkin.me and Wondercraft.net, as of 2015. These sites present a blank character and tools to paint a custom design on it. To create your own "Minecraft" skin on an Android device, us the app "Skin Toolkit for Minecraft."

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The skin editor tool on MinecraftSkins.com allows you to make a unique "Minecraft" character skin using a simple painting tool. The tool displays a standard "Minecraft" character with a grid that marks each pixel spot, though you are able to turn this grid off if you wish. Create a character skin design by choosing either the pencil or paintbrush tool, along with a color, and then drawing on the character model. The tool also includes options for rotating the characters so that you are able to access all of its sides. Once you finish your design, you have the ability to download the character and upload it your copy of "Minecraft" for use in the game.

The skin editor on NovaSkin.com allows you to overlay different popular and user-created skins as you make your own version. The Android app includes a similar 3D design model and painting system, with options to export and upload the character to the game as well.

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