How Can You Create Your Own Barbie?

To create a customized Barbie, visit and select the Barbie button from the Shop Our Brands category. Choose the option labeled Barbie Styled By Me, and click the Start Styling button.

The design platform takes customers through a step-by-step process of customizing a Barbie according to skin complexion and clothing style. Each doll comes with one customized outfit, two additional outfits and one personalized T-shirt. To initiate the process of personalizing a Barbie, first create a name for the Barbie, or use your personal name or nickname using the text box, and click Next.

As of 2015, there are five dolls to choose from; select a doll according to complexion and hair style. To customize an outfit, either select one of the 12 tops and one of the 16 bottoms listed, or choose a dress out of the 12 options. The website lets users select a set of accessories, which includes a purse, a pair of shoes and jewelry, from 12 options.

A dream closet is presented where customers must select two additional outfits out of the 12 that are shown. After selecting the outfits, a customer can personalize a T-shirt with either a name or custom message and change the font type and color, along with the T-shirt color. Add the finished product to your cart for purchase.