What Can Crafters Make Using Plastic Canvas?


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Use plastic canvas to make a needlepoint gift box or needlepoint wall hanging. For the gift box, use 14-count plastic canvas to create the six sides of the box, decorate the sides with a needlepoint pattern, and then stitch the sides together. For the wall hanging, cut six even squares out of seven-count canvas, stitch a different pattern on each one, and then connect the corners of the squares with paper clips, forming two rows of three.

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When designing the box, cut five equal squares to form the bottom and sides. The lid must be slightly larger than the box, so cut the square top so it measures one canvas square longer and one wider than the other squares. Cut the four overhanging side pieces to connect to the square top. After decorating each side with a needlepoint design, stitch the sides together by passing the thread through the loose ends in the stitches on the outer edges of the box pieces.

To connect the six squares for your wall hanging, gather 14 colored paper clips. Cut away the inside bend of each paper clip so it looks like an elongated ring. When you connect the corners of the canvas squares together, make sure you pass the clip through the exact same spot on each square corner so the wall hanging looks even.

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