How Can You Craft a Pom-Pom Seal?

How Can You Craft a Pom-Pom Seal?

To make a pom-pom seal, gather about 8 pom-poms in assorted sizes, and hot glue the pom-poms together. The largest pom-pom makes the head, and the body tapers down to the smallest pom-pom at the tail. Glue on googly eyes and smaller pom-poms in a contrasting color to form the nose. This project requires one large pom-pom, four medium pom-poms, five small pom-poms, one optional miniature pom-pom for the nose, a piece of felt, a hot-glue gun with glue and scissors.

  1. Select a color

    Choose a color, such as brown, gray or white, to make the pom-pom seal body. The nose should be a contrasting color. White works well with brown and dark gray seals, and black works well with white or light gray seals.

  2. Construct the pom-pom seal

    Select the largest pom-pom in the main color as the head, and glue a medium pom-pom to it. Attach three additional medium pom-poms to the first medium pom-pom, and add one small pom-pom to each end. These form the arms and tail of the seal. On the front of the head, glue two googly eyes. Directly below the eyes, add two small pom-poms in the contrasting color right next to one another to form the nose.

  3. Finish the pom-pom seal

    Add the miniature pom-pom in a color such as pink above the middle of the nose pieces as an optional decoration. For a more realistic-looking seal, add flippers cut from felt to the tail and arms. The pom-poms can be glued together in different ways to give the seal different poses.