Where Can You Find All of the Craft Instructions for "Minecraft"?


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Crafting instructions for "Minecraft" objects exist online at MinecraftCrafting.info, Minecraft-Crafting.net and MinecraftXL.com, as of March 2015. The recipe types include basic, manufactured, dye, food and mechanism. The sites provide a visual representation of the crafting process, which requires components and tools.

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The basic recipes include wooden planks, torches, furnaces, boats and slabs of materials. Manufacturing recipes include hay bales, TNT, stairs, and bricks and blocks of various materials.

Dye recipes include colors like cyan, gray, magenta and lime. The sites have food recipes for cake, sugar, rabbit stew, golden carrot and bread. Mechanism recipes include sensors, doors, levers, pistons and pressure plates.

The websites also detail the recipes to craft tools, which are necessary to gather certain materials and components.

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