How Can You Convert Slides to Photo Prints?


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Methods for converting slides into photo prints include using a specialized slide scanner, submitting the slides to a photo transfer service or taking a high-resolution picture of the slide to perform a manual conversion. It is also possible to scan the slides on a flatbed scanner, though the image quality may be poor.

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One direct method for converting slides into physical or digital prints is to use a slide scanner, which contains a visual detection system that works exclusively with the film format of slides. These devices typically connect to a computer via a USB cable and include special software for managing the process, though it may be possible to import the images into a separate program, including graphic design software or photo management programs. These printers require you to place a single slide in the device at a time so that it may capture the full color spectrum and dimensions of the image and convert it to a digital file.

Alternately, many photo centers offer services for transferring the slides to digital prints using slide scanners. It is also possible to use a traditional flatbed scanner on slides, though the nature of the device often leads to a loss in resolution and distortion of colors. Another manual process involves placing the slide on a tablet or large smartphone with the screen set to solid white. This causes the slide to display the correct colors, allowing owners to take a digital picture of it.

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