How Can You Connect a Nintendo DSi to the Internet?


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On the DSi homepage, tap Systems Settings to open the menu. Click the right arrow until Internet appears. Within the Internet menu, choose Connection Settings, then Advanced Setup. A list of connections are displayed. Choose an empty one, and click Search for Access Point. When the DSi has finished searching, tap the name of your wireless connection. Next, click OK, then Save Settings, and Yes when prompted. After a connection test, the device should connect.

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When the DSi runs the connection check, several errors may appear on the screen. For example, error codes 51300 or 51099 are related to the Wi-Fi password entered when accessing the Internet. If one of these codes are displayed, the Wi-Fi password did not match and must be re-entered. If other error codes are displayed, the Nintendo of America support site offers an error code lookup feature to help with troubleshooting, as of 2015.

Although a DSi can still connect to the Internet for use with a browser, YouTube and the DSi shop, Nintendo shut down Internet support for the DSi as of May 20, 2014. This means that online play for many games, leader boards, matches and other wireless game features are no longer available.

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