Where Can You Find a Collection of Clean Church Jokes?


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Websites such as ChristiansUnite.com and Swap Meet Dave contain clean jokes that are suitable for telling at church, as well as other places where people appreciate faith-based jokes. The jokes poke fun at religious situations but work in a church setting.

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Where Can You Find a Collection of Clean Church Jokes?
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Some topics that work well in clean jokes told in a church setting focus on ministers, sermons and church in general. Some have to do with funny situations that arise in Sunday school, at funerals and when kids make somewhat unique observations about church and theology. Swap Meet Dave's joke collection also includes comics that have appeared in newspapers and/or magazines that reflect religious themes and are suitable for use and display within a church environment.

One joke from Swap Meet Dave's collection of clean church jokes involves a kindergarten teacher asking one student what she is drawing. When the student responds that she is drawing God, the teacher responds that no one can know what God actually looks like. Without missing a beat, the girl responds that "They will know in a minute." Another involves a Sunday school teacher asking her class why it is so important to stay quiet while in the church service. One child answers, "Because people are sleeping."

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