Where Can You Find Code Cards for Skylanders?

Skylanders character code cards are found within the packaging that comes with new Skylanders toys, according to Activison's official website. Each Skylanders figurine comes with a character code, trading card and sticker.

Players use the character code cards to unlock specific Skylanders in online and mobile games such as “Skylanders Battlegrounds” and “Skylanders Lost Islands.” For the first release of Skylanders, Activision printed the codes on a small black and white card that was put inside the packaging for each figurine. The codes for later figurines, such as those for “Skylanders Giants,” are located on the sticker sheet. If players lose the code cards, the 10-digit code is viewable when they place the Skylanders figures on the Power Portal and navigate to the Skylanders menu within the respective games.

To use character code cards to unlock a Skylander in “Skylanders Lost Islands,” players must go to the Skylanders selection screen within the game. Once there, they must find the Skylander that they want to unlock, and click on its corresponding picture. Then, they need to enter the 10-digit code from the code card into the box that appears.

Alternatively, players can use gems to unlock Skylanders in “Skylanders Lost Islands.” The process of purchasing Skylanders using gems is the same as using codes. The only difference is that players select to purchase each Skylanders character with gems instead of entering in a code.