How Can You Find the Closest Greyhound Racing Tracks?

How Can You Find the Closest Greyhound Racing Tracks?, and list greyhound racing tracks in the United States. also has track information for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and other countries. The list on shows the address to each track.'s list identifies each U.S. track by city and state; clicking the link to a track's website provides access to the track address.'s track list is in alphabetical order; clicking on a name displays the address and a link to the track website.

The greyhound protection organization Grey2K USA Worldwide states that commercial dog racing is illegal in most states. Only seven states have legal parimutuel racetracks as of 2015. Iowa and West Virginia are the two northern states with operational tracks. The five southern states are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida and Texas.

Greyhound racing enthusiasts can find simulcasts and betting in several other states, including Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Other states with tracks that offer simulcasts are Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. The list on includes the simulcast locations.

Wheeling Island Racetrack in Wheeling, West Virginia, is one track that holds live races every day except Mondays and Thursdays, when it provides simulcasts from other racetracks around the country. For those who cannot get to the track, live radio broadcasts, webcasts and replays are available.