How Can Clay Be Fired at Home?


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Clay can be fired in a bonfire using straw or grass as fuel. For clay to become pottery, it must be heated to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Clay air dries quickly in the sun and should be preheated next to the fire. If the clay is too thick, too thin or not dry, it may explode during the firing.

Step 1: Create the bonfire

Place straw into the fire pit, and put the clay on top. For vases or pots, put the open ends facing down. Put fuel, such as dry grass, sticks, pine cones or firewood, in tipi shapes on top of the clay, and light it. Add more fuel as necessary.

Step 2: Firing

Let the fire burn strongly until the pieces glow red hot, usually after three hours. Allow the fire to burn down. Leave the clay in the fire until it gradually cools down.

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