Can Christmas Crafts Be Made Out of Recycled Items?


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Christmas themed garland and Christmas tree ornaments can be made out of recycled Christmas cards that are no longer being used. These decorations can be made by creating large circles from cards and stringing them onto pieces of string.

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For Christmas-themed garland, a variety of Christmas cards should be gathered and should be arranged in the pattern that is desired of the garland. Scenes from the cards can be cut out using a circle punch or by tracing a round object. The circles should then be fastened to the string using heavy tape. Craft glue can also be applied to the backs of the card circles to ensure that they stay in place when there is a lot of movement on the garland.

To make Christmas tree ornaments, cards should be gathered, stacked and strips should be cut in the cards at the same length. Each end of the strips should have a small hole punched in it and a paper fastener should be added to the holes. The card strips should be formed into a half-circle shape with the scenes from the cards facing out. The stacks can be pulled apart to make a globe shape and can be hung with string on a tree.

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