How Can You Check the Current Value of Old Coins and Paper Money?


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To check the value of U.S. coins, consult a copy of the Guide Book of United States Coins, which collectors call the "Red Book," and for estimates U.S. paper money, visit CoinSite.com for its U.S. paper money value chart. For foreign money, look for completed listings and their sale prices on eBay. Additionally, consult with a collectible money dealer or look for a foreign currency manual that includes pricing information.

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Pricing guides and manuals should have several entries for each type of money based on the condition of the currency. Currency in uncirculated or mint condition is worth more than currency in poor condition, and to find out how to grade money, consult the American Numismatic Association's Official Grading Standards for United States Coins or the International Bank Note Society's grading standards for paper money. Even heavily damaged coins still have some intrinsic value depending on their material.

When investigating the price of world currency, find out if the money is commemorative or general issue. Also, identify the country of origin and printing date. Some old currency may be difficult to identify because the country could have changed names. If the old foreign currency is still in circulation and has no value as a collectible, consult a currency converter to determine its value in U.S. dollars.

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