Where Can You Find Cheat Codes for Stick War Games?


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Cheat codes for StickWar games can be found online at websites like Game Winners. The website offers players cheat codes, unlockables and game winning strategies.

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Video game cheat codes are purposely integrated into games by game developers as part of the experience and were initially utilized in making the rigorous process of testing games easier for playtesters. Cheat codes usually allow a gamer to receive nonstandard advantages during play.

To activate the cheat code in the game StickWars, start the game and then pause game play. Tap the center of the screen six times in succession anywhere that is not a command button, leaving a second in between taps. The word "cheater" will be audible when the code is accepted. Upon acceptance of the cheat code, players will receive $50,000, 50 prisoners and 5,000 more maximum health points. The cheat code can be used repetitively as often as needed. CheatCodes advises iPhone users playing StickWars to pause the game right after startup then tap the screen six times to gain $50,000 and 49 kills.

StickWars unlockables are available to players who accomplish predetermined tasks within the game. To unlock the achievements, complete the given task. For example, players can earn the Power Spellcaster achievement and 10 points by training 100 wizards.

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