Where Can You Find Cheap Second-Hand Guitars?


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Inexpensive, second-hand guitars are available from local private sellers, online retail sites and brick-and-mortar music stores. Local pawn shops and auction websites are other great places to browse for cheap used guitars.

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Private sellers often sell used guitars through local classified ads in the newspaper and online. It is easy to find a good deal from these sources, since the transaction is directly from buyer to seller. Online auction sites are a great source when looking for a specific guitar, but auction sites often ask for a small percentage of the selling price and testing the guitar first is usually not an option.

Pawn shops, small music shops and chain music stores are great local options for finding used guitars. The prices may be a little higher than buying from a private seller, but there are the added benefits of a broader selection and the opportunity to thoroughly test the guitar in the shop. Also, many chain stores with a local and online presence, such as Guitar Center and Music-Go-Round, offer return policies, which minimizes the risk of buying used instruments.

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