Where Can You Find a Chart That Shows the Value of Silver Dollar Coins?


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CoinStudy.com and Heritage Auctions display charts that list the values of several editions of silver dollar coins in conditions that range from good to uncirculated. The coins listed on these websites date back to 1793, and they have all been issued in the United States.

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Where Can You Find a Chart That Shows the Value of Silver Dollar Coins?
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As of 2015, silver is worth about $16 per ounce, making the value of every silver dollar at least $19 despite face value, according to CoinStudy.com. Factors that affect the value of a coin include dates, mints and condition. One of the most popular series of silver dollars is the Morgan silver dollar, which circulated between 1878 and 1921. Each coin is worth a few dollars more than the current cost of silver per ounce. This cost is based on the actual silver content of each coin.

The Bust silver dollars, which circulated between 1794 and 1803, are a valuable series of coins with each coin being worth at least $200 and as high as five figures depending on the condition of the coin and the rarity of its mint. Two additional rare silver dollar series include the Flowing Hair and Gobrecht series whose values may range between $500 and $5,000, according to Heritage Auctions.

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