Where Can You Find a Chart of Quilt Sizes?


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A full list of manufacturer quilt sizes is located at the Generations Quilt Patterns website. The quilt sizes listed on this site range from lap quilt size to king size.

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The size listings at Generations Quilt Patterns are used by professional quilt manufacturers. It is important to note that individual quilt designers don't always strictly adhere to the quilt measurements listed on the website. However, these quilt sizes can be used as guidelines for how large to make quilts that serve particular purposes. The quilt size table at Generations Quilt Patterns includes many different measurements to determine the size of the quilt being made. The criteria given include the size of the mattress, the size of a commercial comforter with a short drop and the size of a commercial comforter with a long drop.

Short drop comforters are those that reach just over the sides of the mattress, while long drop comforters are those that reach to the floor. The site also includes the amount of pre-cut quilt batting needed to make a quilt of a particular size. The site is a valuable tool for people seeking to buy manufactured quilts or find the measurements necessary to make their own.

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