Where Can I Find Buyers for Old Coins?


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A good starting point when seeking buyers for old coins is heading to a local coin dealer. Coin World is a highly respected resource for the coin collecting community that features a user-friendly directory, which can help one locate nearby coin dealers.

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Coin dealers give their opinions on the condition and market value of old coins. If they want particular coins for their own collection or for resale, they often make offers on the spot. Since they are running a business and always looking to make a profit, do not expect a coin dealer to pay market value. Coin dealers may also know of another dealer or a collector who is interested in a particular coin and can assist with setting up the deal.

Another venue to sell old coins is a coin show. Coin World includes listings for clubs, shows and events in their directory as well. Networking is key in the coin collecting community, so meeting other dealers and collectors at coin shows is worthwhile, as is joining and participating in local and regional coin collecting clubs. After learning more about the value of old coins, online sales and auction services such as eBay help get the coins out to a potentially wider market of buyers.

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