Where Can You Buy a Zillionz Deluxe ATM Toy?


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The Zillionz Deluxe ATM Bank toy can be bought from Amazon, Fantasy Toyland and Make More Cents. This toy also doubles as a piggy bank and savings goal monitor.

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Amazon sells the Zillionz Deluxe ATM Bank in bright pink. Other products, such as the Zillionz Savings Teller ATM Bank, Zillionz Jr Deluxe ATM Bank and Zillionz voice-activated safe, are also available from Amazon.

The ATM is also available from toyseller Fantasy Toyland and coin bank website Make More Cents. The Zillionz Deluxe ATM Bank comes with a swipe card, which children use to access their money like an ATM machine. It comes with a digital screen that displays the child's name and the balance in the machine's internal piggy bank.

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