How Can You Buy Used Gamimill Quilting Machines?

Pre-owned Gammill quilting machines are available through longarm quilting machine dealers such as and Some online quilting forums feature used machines classified ads.

Longarm machines have a wide sewing surface and a needle that rapidly goes back and forth to sew through several layers of cloth and quilting batting at once. As of 2015, the Statler by Gammill line features three different types of longarm quilting machines: computer-guided, hand-guided and free-motion. Many professional quilters prefer computer-guided machines, while custom quilters opt for hand-guided machines. A free-motion machine can be moved in any direction to draw a pattern with threads.

Accomplish Quilting and Andrews Gammill Northwest, both authorized Gammill dealers, offer an assortment of used machines in their stores. Accomplish Quilting’s pre-owned quilting machines come with a 1 year warranty and undergo a thorough quality inspection. also sells a range of pre-owned quilting machines. has a classified ad service for quilting machines on its website., a machine quilting community website, has a buy and sell section for used quilting machines.

Gammill machines are customizable and have add-on features, including drafting chairs, spool holders, bobbin winders and overhead light bars, which can be purchased through quilting machine dealers. has a complete list of authorized dealers in the United States on its website.