Where Can You Buy a Tom Clark Gnome?


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Tom Clark Gnomes are available from popular websites, such as Replacements.com, Etsy and eBay. The gnomes can also be found in specialty collectibles and gifts stores, such as The Knothole Station.

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As of 2015, individual gnomes sell on Replacements.com from about $12 up to $170. Large lots of ten or more figurines are available on eBay for around $100 to $200. Individual gnomes and lots are also sold on Etsy's website by vintage and collectible dealers. Etsy's selection is not quite as extensive as the offerings on eBay and Replacements.com.

In 1978, Tom Clark began designing gnome figurines that he called "Woodspirits," after reading "Gnomes" illustrated by Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet. His small sculptures were produced by the Cairn Studio until 2008. Castings and molds were created from Tom Clark's designs. The gnome figurines were then mass manufactured from the molds, hand-painted and stained by other artists.

Over the years, the Cairn Studio produced hundreds of different gnomes. The name, artist logo and creation date are listed at the bottom of each figurine. The manufacturer's markings also include the model edition number and the Cairn copyright. Gnomes created after 1988 also include an item number. In addition to gnomes, Tom Clark also sculpted religious and historical figurines.

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