Where Can You Buy Small Models to Assemble Yourself?

Where Can You Buy Small Models to Assemble Yourself?

Hobby Lobby and Hobbymasters sell small assemble-yourself models in store locations and online. ModelShipMasters.com provides a large selection of realistic models of ships and other water-going vessels for customers to build. Custom Model Railroads offers model kits for buildings, bridges and other accessories that accompany model railroad layouts.

Hobby Lobby's selection of small models includes classic cars, trucks, airplanes, tanks and other military vehicles. The company also offers several model kits for ships and heavy construction equipment, and it provides adhesives, paint and tools for building models as well.

Hobbymasters offers several different model kit categories, including cars and trucks, plastic people, monsters, dinosaurs and automobile engines. The selection also features fiction and non-fiction space models, airplanes, helicopters, plastic ships and wood model kits. Hobbymasters also sells snap-together plastic models, armor and siege machine models, and robot snap models.

ModelShipMasters.com sells complex model kits for accurate renditions of ancient vessels, pirate ships, modern warships, ocean liners and cruise ships. The selection also includes model kits for sailboats, riverboats, submarines, yachts and warships. The company offers large and small models, repair service and a remote control option for most ship models.

Custom Model Railroads provides building kits for accurate renditions of real buildings, including the Fyfe building and the ACME Corporation. The selection also includes kits for a commuter station, a rolling lift bridge and a row house.