Where Can You Buy Science Kits for Kids?

Science kits for kids are available from toy stores, such as Toys R Us or Fat Brain Toys, or specialty science hobby retailers, such as Scientifics Direct. Some science kit manufacturers, such as Scientific Explorer, sell the kits directly online. Amazon also sells science kits.

As of February 2015, the Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit is the top selling chemistry kit on Amazon. Scientific Explorer offers almost 70 different kits targeted towards younger children, ages 4 and up. Scientific Explorer sells science kits directly from their parent company's website. A list of nearby store locations is available from a store locator search by ZIP code.

With over 150 different options, Scientifics Direct is a good source for a selection of science kits for older children and adults. A large, 333 piece chemistry set retails for around $250, while a small kit can be found for $15 to $20. Besides chemistry kits, Scientifics Direct also sells physics, electronics and earth sciences kits.

Toy stores also typically carry a selection of science toys and kits for children. From Toys R Us, one of the top-selling kits is a crime lab with fingerprint analysis. The Pop Bottle Science kit is a best seller available from Fat Brain Toys.