Where Can You Buy S Gauge Train Sets?


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Buy S Gauge, also known as S Scale, model train sets from retail sites such as Trainz.com, Lionel.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com, as of 2015. Sets typically include different train pieces, such as locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars, as well as accessories, such as tracks and signals.

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Trainz.com lists its collection as S Scale trains and organizes them into categories based on era and train type. For example, S Scale steam locomotives are in a separate section from diesel locomotives, while the selection of tracks includes both modern pieces in addition to post-war tracks. The site also includes a quick-reference size chart in its header, which allows users to access the S Scale train sets from anywhere within the site. Similarly, Lionel.com features organizational sections based on size, although it refers to the pieces as S Gauge instead of S Scale. Each component of a complete train set features its own section, which means S Gauge tracks exist under the main Track category, while S Gauge freight cars exist under the Freight Cars category.

Amazon.com features a less comprehensive organizational system, as it is features a wide selection of products beyond trains. Users are still able to locate S Scale trains and accessories by either conducting a keyword search or by navigating to the Trains and Hobbies section and choosing the appropriate sizing.

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