Where Can You Buy a Queen Elizabeth II Gold Coin?


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A Queen Elizabeth II gold coin can be purchased on PandaAmerica. PandaAmerica sells various versions of Queen Elizabeth II gold coins on its website.

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There are gold coins of Queen Elizabeth II as "1st Portrait," "2nd Portrait," "3rd Portrait" and "4th Portrait." Queen Elizabeth II was portrayed sitting on a throne on the gold coin, which was produced in 1989, 500 years after the first production of gold sovereign coins in the United Kingdom. To mark Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee celebrations, which occurred in 2002, a shield was minted on the reverse just for that year. Prior to that and after 2002, the portrait of Saint George killing a dragon was minted on the reverse.

Another place where a Queen Elizabeth II gold coin can be purchased is through the Gold Bullion Company's website.

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