Where Can I Buy a Paddle-Ball Paddle?


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A paddle-ball paddle can be purchased at a sporting-goods store, such as A1 Sports, or many online retailers, such as Amazon. A1 Sports offers a wide range of paddles made of many different materials, including kevlar, carbon and carbon fiber. For example, in 2014, a middle of the range paddle is the A-1 3K Carbon paddle. It sells for $150. Adding a tether costs an additional $10.

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The A1-K-BLU Kevlar Paddle has a carefully designed hole pattern that provides a larger surface area for a more solid hit. A custom one-piece mold is used for its construction. This paddle weighs 12.6 ounces and it measures 8.25 inches by 17 inches. It is sold for $165.

The A1-3KB 3K Carbon Paddle has an outer shell composed exclusively of 100 percent 3K carbon material. The textured finish that is applied ensures optimum grip and control of the ball. The core is made of medium density EVA that provides an amazing feel and a consistent hit. The core is thicker than standard cores ensuring less vibration and therefore less chance of elbow or shoulder injury. This racket sells for $165.

The A1-CF-PDR Carbon Fiber Paddle is a more economical version of the Kevlar and 3K Carbon paddles. The main difference is that it is a little softer and quieter. It sells for $120.

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