Where Can You Buy Old Planters Peanut Jars?

can-buy-old-planters-peanut-jars Credit: Tom?s Fano/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Common places to find old Planters Peanuts jars and other Planters Peanuts memorabilia include auction websites, online malls, antique shops and antique shows, as of 2015. Reproductions of Planters Peanuts jars are common. You can research a jar beforehand at 4MrPeanut.com.

To check an item's authenticity on 4MrPeanut.com, visit the site's homepage and click Fakes. The Fakes page has pictures and descriptions of Planters Peanuts fakes and reproductions. The page also has a link for people to email a photo of a questionable item to the site's owners for more information. Before bidding or purchasing a jar, check the other items the seller offers and ask the seller about the jar's history.