Can You Buy Houses in "Grand Theft Auto 5"?

Players cannot purchase homes in "Grand Theft Auto V's" single player. There is, however, the ability to purchase a home in the game's online multiplayer mode.

During the story mode of "Grand Theft Auto V", gamers can purchase properties, and while these do not include homes, players can spend money on garages, movie houses, cab companies and strip clubs. Purchasing these properties will earn the player an income throughout their progress in the game. Based on the in-game clock, the character can earn upwards of over $200,000 per week.

In the game's multiplayer mode, homes are used as safe houses where the player will spawn each time they boot up the game. Purchasing a safe house will also allow players to strategically place themselves within the world, as some offer a vast view of Los Santos to keep track of other players and store locations.